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Project Runway’s Michael Costello Says Chrissy Tiegen’s Cyberbullying Made Him Suicidal and Destroyed His Career

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The bullying began in 2014 when Chrissy Tiegen accused Michael Costello of uploading a racist comment online. Despite Costello denying her claims, Tiegen pressed on her with her abuse, and it left Costello with severe emotional and mental scars.

What We Know:

  • The Project Runway alum took to Instagram to describe the torment. He says that Tiegen left a public comment on his page, shaming him for his so-called comments. However, he told her a “former disgruntled employee” photoshopped the screenshot, and Instagram already took it down.
  • Tiegen refused to listen to Costello and told him she would ensure the end of his career. Alongside stylist Monica Rose, Tiegen went out of her way to threaten people and brands associated with him. She would tell them that she would not work with them if Costello were involved. Costello mentions he contacted Tiegen and Rose multiple times and pleaded for them to “see the whole story,” but they never stopped their vendetta.
  • The mistreatment continued for several years, and it drove Costello to depression and suicidal ideations. He said he felt he could never escape “being the target of the powerful elites in Hollywood,” who could easily “close doors with a single text.” Because of this, he kept silent for so long.
  • To this day, Costello still deals with being suicidal. Just last week, he wrote personal letters to his family and closest friends while contemplating killing himself. To prevent this, his family decided to monitor him against his will closely.
  • He concluded his post by stating that even if he never turns out “okay,” he wants to reveal the truth about Tiegen’s actions. He also added two screenshots of a conversation between him and Tiegen in which she calls Costello a “racist” while telling him he deserves to die.

  • Costello published his narrative after Tiegen returned to social media Monday night to apologize for her previous cyberbullying. In her lengthy statement, she admits to her past “troll” behavior. She admits when she first joined social media, she felt insecure and immature and believed she needed to impress strangers so they would accept her. Tiegen declares she transformed herself since, citing therapy and childbirth helped her “grow up;” in addition, Tiegen is taking the time to apologize to each person privately she affected.

Reports of Tiegen’s misconduct came out earlier this year when screenshots from 2011 revealed she told then 16-year-old Courtney Stodden to kill themselves via Twitter.

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