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Ohio Police Chief Terminated after Putting KKK Note on African-American Officer’s Coat

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An Ohio Police Chief is out of a job after surveillance footage showed him putting a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) note on a Black officer’s raincoat.

What We Know:

  • Sheffield Lake Police Chief Anthony Campo placed a sheet of paper that read “Ku Klux Klan” over the word “Police” on a Black officer’s raincoat. The entire incident was captured on the office’s surveillance camera. The Black officer, who remains anonymous, is seen on camera laughing uncomfortably with the other officers.

  • The KKK, established in 1865, was a group of white southerners who were in opposition of the old Republican Party’s plans to create “political and economic equality for Black Americans.” The group used intimidation and violence to ensure the old Democratic party maintained control over state legislatures. The KKK would burn crosses, hold marches, bomb Black schools and churches, and kill Black people and white allies of racial equality. As of 2016, there are reportedly between 3,000-6,000 members in the KKK.
  • The police union brought the incident to Sheffield Lake’s Mayor Dennis Bring’s attention and he immediately reprimanded Campo for his actions. Bring informed Campo that he didn’t need to hear about the incident, as he had already admitted to placing the racist note on the Black officer’s raincoat. Campo jokingly asked, “am I gonna get fired over this?” Bring handed him his slip and stated, “you’ve got 10 minutes to get out of this office…I want your keys, badge and that’s it. Get out.” Campo was placed on administrative leave while the video was under investigation.
  • Bring apologized to the Black officer for Campo’s ignorant actions. He told Cleveland19 that it took 10 minutes for him and the Black officer to even talk about the incident because they “were both crying.” Bring learned from the Black officer that there was more to the incident, and he couldn’t believe how disgusting the whole situation was.

“I don’t want this as a reflection on any of our employees because they’re just as sad about this as I am. I’ve lived here 63 years. We’ve strived to make this city better, and I think we have, and when something like this happens, one person to destroy everything we’ve worked hard for is just so heartbreaking,” said Bring.

  • After receiving his notice of administrative leave, Campo told Bring that he would be retiring effective immediately and handed the mayor his resignation letter. Campo, who served for the police department for 33 years, said the note was just a prank that has been blown out of proportion. He hired the Black officer nine months ago and has stated that he has much respect for him.

Bring explained to reporters that it will be up to the Fraternal Order of Police and the pension board on whether or not Campo will receive his pension. Cleveland19 has stated that Campo will most likely not receive any charges through the city, but could receive some through other agencies. Campo initially had plans to retire at the end of the month.

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