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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Ends Without a Knockout

todayJune 7, 2021 9

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By the end of the June 6 fight, Logan Paul landed 28 of his 217 punches, while boxing champ Floyd Mayweather made 43 of his 107 hits. No official judges were around to declare a winner, but it was obvious Mayweather won the match.

What We Know:

  • Mayweather (44) came out of his retirement and entered the ring against Paul (26) for an eight-round “special exhibition”. When discussing the event, Mayweather and Paul made it clear they agreed to the fight to entertain viewers.
  • Many believed that the fight would end quickly because of Paul’s inexperience; the new boxer only ever fought once before taking on Mayweather, and it ended in a knockout. However, Mayweather let the match go on for all eight three-minute rounds and never tried to strike Paul unconscious.
  • Throughout the exhibition, Paul proved he would not go down easily. In the first round, he used the fact that he weighed 34.5 pounds more than Mayweather to his advantage. Paul threw “a flurry of punches,” but none of them broke through Mayweather’s guard. In the second go-around, Mayweather allowed Paul to keep aiming at him in an effort to tire his opponent out. By round four, Mayweather unleashed the strength that earned him 50 straight wins and he continued it until the fifth section. The two boxed until the end of the eighth round, and finished the scrap with no knockouts, as mentioned before.
  • This upset viewers in the crowd, which began booing in the end. According to The Guardian, many either paid to see a shocking fight or to watch Paul, who holds a few scandals to his name, “get his comeuppance.” Fans believed Mayweather only let the fight endure as to not taint his flawless record. They also think Mayweather did not want to make himself vulnerable to a “lucky punch,” implying he felt intimated by his opponent.
  • Regardless of his fan’s disappointment, Mayweather took the time to thank them. In addition, he expressed that he enjoyed himself throughout the night and discussed his surprise at Paul’s endurance.

“He’s a great, young fighter better than I thought he was. He’s a tough raw competitor,” said Mayweather.

  • Paul also showed gratitude to Mayweather. He called fighting Mayweather “one of the greatest moments” of his life and considered himself lucky to survive the match.

When asked if he would fight again, Mayweather said he would need to talk to his team. Currently, Mayweather only leaves his retirement for exhibition fights.

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