Maybe We Should Tap More Into Our Spiritual Side? Taylour Paige Reveals A Healer Envisioned Her Relationship With Jesse Williams

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If you’re single and looking, maybe tapping into getting a healer could help. It did for Taylour Paige. The actress shares how a spiritual advisor envisioned her relationship with Jesse Williams months before they met. Get it all inside…


If you’re looking for love maybe tapping into your spiritual side could help steer things in a positive direction.

Rumors that former “Hit The Floor” actress Taylour Paige and “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams were dating started in 2019, but the couple’s romance actually kicked off a year before at an EMMYs party in September 2018. In an interview for GQ‘s Modern Love issue, Jesse and Taylour detailed the first night they met. Taylour caught Jesse’s attention in a sexy crimson-colored dress.

Upon locking eyes with one another at the party, the chemistry between them was undeniable.

“I was in the middle of a conversation with a very close friend, and she walked by. Everything got quiet. I stopped that conversation and said, ‘I’ll be right back.’”

“I parted the red seas in my red dress,” Taylour said, “I looked like the emoji.”

”I just zoomed in on her. The rest of the night, we were this close to each other, talking, laughing, dancing, and ended up together in conversation until six in the morning,” Jesse said.

“Little did he know,” Paige revealed dramatically, “I had spotted him first.”

Turns out, their encounter was months in the making. Taylour said her healer predicted a mysterious “J” figure, who worked in the industry, would “approach her in a dark, crowded space.”

Months later, it happened exactly how her healer predicted.

“I had a dream that I was sleeping next to him.” Williams clarifies: “The night before we met.” When she went to the Emmys party, in a borrowed red dress, and Williams finally arrived, a calm washed over Paige: “It was just like, ‘There he is.’ Almost like, ‘Where have you been?’ ”

Since meeting they have been joined at the hip. However, they’re total opposites, proving opposites ATTRACT.

“Jesse can be very literal—facts, facts, facts,” Taylour explained.

“We came from very different worlds,” Jesse said. “She’s very feminine and into spiritual planes, astrology. I’m very practical, fact-based, and masculine.”

“I was having a wild, unfamiliar, uncomfortable experience, because it was all just happening in a very spiritual way—a way that’s not how I usually arrange things in my life. But I’d been going through a lot of transitions in life, and I had deliberately positioned myself to be open to saying yes, to be available to whatever, more than I had in the past,” he continued.

“I don’t often let things happen to me. But because I had decided I was going to be open, I didn’t pull the brake like I normally would. I didn’t try to control, or position, or take a breath, and I just went along for the ride, as scary as that was and has been. She blew in—”

“Like a wrecking ball,” Taylour chimed in, belting out the Miley Cyrus lyric.

Before his fairytale romance with Taylour, he was previously linked to Minka Kelly and Taylor Rooks amid his divorce from his wife of five years, Aryn Drake-Lee. Jesse & Aryn have two children together, 7-year-old Sadie and 5-year-old Maceo.

With all the added attention to his love life and being single, Jesse said he wanted to shield Taylour from the tabloids and drama.

“Let’s be honest, I have a lot of press around my personal life,” Jesse said wearily. “To go out is very likely to be photographed and declare something between me and another person who I’m just getting to know. I was very protective of not putting her through that and putting myself through that.”

Now, they’re all wrapped up in spiritual love.

You can read more about their love story here.


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