Louisiana Deputy Caught On Camera Violently Assaulting Black Woman After SHE Reportedly Was Attacked By Several Boys

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A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy is being investigated after he was caught on camera brutally attacking a black woman – named Shantel Arnold. According to reports, the woman was walking home after getting beat up by a group of neighborhood boys. When the deputy arrived, he violently attacked her again.

The disturbing details are inside…

In very disturbing news, a white Louisiana sheriff’s deputy is being investigated after he was caught on video dragging a black woman by her hair, ripping her braids out of her head, and slamming her onto the pavement. The disturbing video footage went viral online and folks are calling for the sheriff’s resignation and to be criminally charged!

WARNING! The horrific footage can be seen below:



Here’s what happened…according to reports…

On September 20th, 34-year-old Shantel Arnold, who is a black woman that stands at just 4’8″ – was walking home in Kenner, LA after being beaten by a group of neighborhood boys, whom she claims was bullying her due to her size. A friend of the woman tells us she only has one eye and gets teased about that as well. We’re also told this incident happened close to a month ago and she has been trying to get justice ever since.

According to witnesses, Shantel fought back with a stick before Lionel Gray, a man Shantel considers her stepfather, chased the boys away.

As Shantel was walking down the street after the attack, a white Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled up on her and demanded she stop to talk to him. She didn’t want to and that seemingly pissed him off.  It’s important to note, Jefferson Parish, especially the police department, has a LONG standing reputation in the New Orleans area for being perceived as quite racist.

According to witnesses, the unidentified deputy jumped out of his vehicle, grabbed Shantel and threw her to the ground. That’s when people started recording the attack and looked on as he slammed her to the ground by her hair, causing several of her braids to be ripped from her scalp. He was also seen kneeling on her back.

Again, this woman is 4’8″.

Shantel, who has not been charged with a crime, was taken to a hospital by ambulance. She reportedly told investigators her injuries were caused by the deputy and not the neighborhood boys who attacked her first. There’s no bodycam evidence because the sheriff’s office supposedly doesn’t use them. It’s reported the department signed a contract recently for 500 body cameras to be deployed by December. Hmph.

“He was just trying to cover up what he did by saying my sister is crazy,” said Shantel’s 32-year-old sister Mercedes. After the incident, Mercedes said the deputy tried to convince her to have Shantel evaluated and committed for mental health issues. Also, family members claim the unidentified officer has rolled past their house multiple times since the incident. They believe he’s trying to intimidate them. Sick.

As of now, the unidentified officer is currently under investigation and it is unclear if he has been placed on leave.  He needs to be FIRED and brought up on charges ASAP! Shantel Arnold didn’t deserve this.

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