Becoming Digital



Since 2014, BossFM has been a staple in internet and digital radio globally. At almost 10 years old the honest strategy of creating community, easy access to music and quality content has been the grease to keep our operation running smoothly. Within everything, comes change.

What is Changing?

BossFM has been known as a provider of digital content and radio since we began – so essentially, not much. We’ve never branded ourselves as digital – as our strategy didn’t call for it. Our studios have always included live cameras, our content has always been broadcast on the highest digital spectrum and our reach has negatively influenced the national terrestrial footprint.

BossFM Digital encompasses all that we’ve always been.  In addition to live stations (some new, some refreshed!) and new shows, subscribers now have access to the largest music catalog in the world with our new Standard and Premium subscriptions. Our live channels are available without for-pay subscriptions, but a subscription (Free, Standard or Premium) must be selected to continue your BossFM experience. This change immediately affects all of our streaming partners and may affect access on certain SVOD or TV apps. In some cases, our programming will no longer appear in a partner app or service.  SVOD or TV app issues are high priority and will be corrected daily as engineers remediate reports. SVOD or TV app listeners are able to report service issues or feedback immediately at

What is a music subscription?

Answer: A Web-based service that lets users stream songs to their computers or mobile devices.

BossFM Digital will allow users to stream songs to their computers and mobile devices, create, publish, share playlists and buy music directly from a place they already know and love. Effective January 1, 2023Bosscasts, BossFM’s podcast platform has come home to BossFM Digital.  The BossFM Digital platform is now the home of all Unmutedco Audio services. (Distribution and Syndication also join BossFM Digital effective January 1, 2023).

The new platform has been gamified to ensure ease of use and flexibility of platform. Pre-registered users may receive access to the platform as early as 7 days before launch.

Artists and Publishers

Artists and Writers

It’s important to remember BossFM’s history – community first. We launched the independent music channel NEXT as BossFM’s Freshman Class. The channel is dedicated to local communities and artists that would be peddling their tapes or albums on street corners had technology not revolutionized the way things are done.  We are licensed to stream music and royalties from such are afforded to Artists.  Artists are able to claim their music, verify their profile and monitor their streams.

Publishers and Content Creators

Podcast and content publishers now have a place to build community with a trusted community content leader. Podcast and content creators can submit their programs or casts through their personal subscriptions. Brands or partners should reach out to

Will BossFM Digital have a cost?

Subscription Type(s)

FREE – Users are able to access live radio channels and limited music library access. Users will only be able to access music library via web.

STANDARD – All features of FREE. Users are able to listen to commercial free live radio channels (when available) and full music library access on web, desktop and mobile devices. Access to 10,000+ podcasts.

PREMIUM – All features of FREE and STANDARD. Users have access to commercial free Unmuted Network partner radio channels. Free access to the BossFM Digital+ podcast service (additional 3,000 casts). 3 month-free subscription to Noir+.

**Prices for these subscriptions have not been made available. Pre-registered users will be notified once prices are available.

When is all of this happening?

January 30, 2023

From January 1st – 29th, BossFM streaming services will be reduced to IONE (BossFM ONE)IRPL (BossFM The Replay) and IAFR (Afrobeats 99). Regularly scheduled programming will commence at 00:00 ET on January 30th, 2023. This schedule will included block for new and previews for upcoming programming.

Subscription service begins March 15th, 2023.


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